Sheila’s educational drive and path in life developed from her very intimate and challenging experience in raising her son Kaleb, a special needs child. After receiving her son’s abrupt diagnosis, Sheila became driven to educate herself so that she can be an integral part of the network of professionals and doctors involved in her son’s intervention. With career goals to obtain a bachelor’s degree in disabilities studies, become a special education teacher in the early childhood field and to ultimately acquire a Master’s of Science in Education to become a child psychologist, the Women’s Forum Education Fund Award will bring Sheila closer to meeting her big goals. Working first-hand with her son has taught Sheila greater empathy for children with disabilities. In order to advocate for special needs children, Sheila believes the most effective tool to accomplish this, is education.

“I intend to be as proactive as possible in my son’s betterment by pursuing my own through education. The 2020 Women’s Forum Education Award will provide me with the opportunity to complete the studies to acquire the knowledge and skills to help children with disabilities.”