Rainbow has always been determined to teach. She is inspired daily by the joy she gets watching the eyes of her young students light up, in response to learning something new. As a child, Rainbow did not have the best schooling experience. She recalls often hearing her teachers make disparaging remarks about her intelligence and that of her fellow students. This motivated Rainbow to become the teacher she had always wanted — one who was loving, compassionate, encouraging and understanding. For the past 10 years, Rainbow has dedicated herself to teaching pre-K and kindergartners at a private school. She now aims to broaden her teaching skills by receiving a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education followed by a master’s degree which will allow her to obtain her New York State Teaching Certification so that she may teach in New York City’s public schools.


“With everything I have gone through I always felt like I was born to suffer, but through my suffering came strength, resilience, willpower, perseverance, and a testimony to share with other women going through difficult situations.” – Rainbow Farr