Daughter of a single mother, Guatemalan Immigrant, Jessica witnessed how hard her mother worked to provide a better future for her. Jessica’s mother has been a major inspiration in her desire to obtain a college degree and pursue a profession where she can be of service to others in need. At thirty-six, Jessica returned to school to pursue a career in speech language pathology with a desire to help persons with disabilities reclaim their voices and to communicate. Jessica also aims to work as a bilingual speech language pathologist within the underserved community of Spanish-speakers, who make up a significant sector of our society. Jessica’s hope is to help women suffering from language disorders to regain their ability to communicate, with a special interest in working with stroke victims and patients who have suffered from brain trauma.

“Receiving an award from the 2021 Education Fund would help me financially to complete my undergraduate degree and apply for graduate school, which is a necessary step to become a licensed speech pathologist.” – Jessica Gonzalez