Discouraged by the lack of support within her home, becoming an orphaned young adult and teen mom, Frances set the bar low for herself because she felt there were no examples of successful stories. Refusing to be a statistical victim of circumstance sparked a personal rebellion against self-oppression for Frances. After gaining the experience of working at a corporate resellers firm for 16 years, Frances desired to learn the business savvy communication skills necessary for earning respect within positions of power, which prompted Frances to seek higher education. In the Fall of 2017, Frances was a forty-year-old freshman and a full-time student, employee, and mom. On the Dean’s list four consecutive semesters, Frances was accepted into BMCC’s prestigious “Out in Two” program and in Spring of 2019, she graduated BMCC with honors. Transferring to Baruch College immediately after her BMCC graduation, Frances has maintained uninterrupted excellence in all courses even through changing learning platforms due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Frances’s struggle in finding her way professionally and academically inspires her to help others find theirs. With the help of the Education Fund, will allow Frances to gain the knowledge and skills she needs to direct potential students towards the path of educational enlightenment.

“My career goal is to create safe spaces that offer help with academic and professional enhancement. I want to help creatives construct business plans and goals that lead them to success.”

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