Erika Caballero grew up in Peru with a passion for learning the human body, leading her towards a career in nursing. After personal circumstances caused Erika to put her nursing career on hold, she eventually found her way to software engineering. Motivated by the impact technology has on society and a desire to make an impact, Erika’s goal is to become a software engineer and build new applications that will help people. Erika’s other desire to continue her education is to learn a new language. When she first came to the U.S., Erika knew that learning English was the key to her career success. Without it, she felt she could not work or express her thoughts. Similarly, Erika sees coding as a similar skill – a new universal language that she can learn and master to help achieve her goals. After graduating, Erika plans to combine her love for language and helping people and wishes to create bilingual applications for people who do not speak English. With the help of the Education Fund, Erika will be closer to achieving her goals.