Throughout her whole life, Doaa has always dreamt of making a difference in the world through a large medical platform. Doaa’s dream of making a large impact through medical means started for her when she was a toddler seeing her father go through pain because of his medical conditions. Doaa made it a mission to become a doctor, so she can help people like her father return to good health. Before the death of her father, Doaa experienced a life-changing event that caused her to change her aspirations and goals. After becoming very ill and having a positive experience with a caring and attentive nurse, Doaa became highly interested in the nursing profession. After completing her high school degree, Doaa got married to her husband and after a few years she moved with him to America with their 2 children. Although she was focused on raising her children, Doaa’s dream of becoming a nurse remained her passion. Once Doaa’s oldest child became 12, she decided that it was time to finally accomplish her dream, leading her to Kingsborough Community College. Once Doaa completes her associate’s degree in nursing she will become a Registered Nurse. With the help of the Education Fund, Doaa intends on continuing her education, becoming a Registered Nurse and obtaining a master’s degree.

“I want to become an excellent and caring nurse and be the leader of all of the nurses in my hospital. After I reach my ultimate goal of being a Nurse practitioner, I will use my platform to share all of my experiences and morals to my peers, so I can try to make as many responsible and caring nurses as possible.” Doaa Yahia

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