In 1994, Oumou emigrated to the United States from Guinea. As the eldest child, she was forced to forego attending school and work to support her family. Three years later, she opened her own African hair braiding salon and began pursuing her education. After completing the ELS courses, she enrolled in the International Academy of Design and Technology for Fashion Design in Chicago. Unfortunately, the school wasn’t accredited. The experience left her broken, without a degree and in debt. In 2011, to start anew, Oumou returned to Guinea. There she co-founded a school. Currently, the school has 650 students enrolled and has one of the highest graduation rates in the capital of Guinea. Oomou enrolled at Bronx Community College to pursue a degree in Political Science.

“My career goal is to create and participate in opportunities that support women empowerment in many areas, especially politics. I hope to provide resources and training to women who wish to run for political positions.”