From a young age, Neosha experienced the pains of growing up in the foster care system and numerous group homes. Living through physical and sexual abuse, Neosha felt compelled to take her experiences and help others in need. Neosha enrolled in school and switched gears from wanting to be an Early Child Educator to working with families and victims in need as a sociology major. Neosha has also teamed up with her brother who was in the child welfare system, to also make a change in the outcomes of those who are often forgotten children in the system. Neosha and her brother plan to organize a program in providing meals, toilettes, clothing, and programs for youth in the foster and group home system. Neosha’s past experiences in helping other young women leave toxic environments brings her tremendous joy, and upon graduation, she plans on getting her program up and running.

“My drive has always been in helping people in need and giving my all in situations that could change someone’s life.” – Neosha Joynes

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