Dedicated to helping and supporting women in the community, Myrdline is highly motivated to help and support them. Her motivation for pursuing a degree in social work derives from her personal experience with some of the challenges that come from parenting, relationships, and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Having spent a lot of time parenting a child diagnosed with ADHD, and pursuing her education despite facing obstacles like food and housing insecurity, she saw firsthand the need to merge personal experience with professional practice. Having survived domestic violence herself, Myrdline would like to use her degree in social work to help other women gain social awareness about signs of domestic abuse, and to advocate for differently abled children as a voice for single parents. It is now Myrdline’s third semester as a senior at Adelphi University’s School of Social Work.


“There can be no failure before you decide to give up. If I believe in myself, I will strive to achieve my goals even when life isn’t easy.” – Myrdline Louis