Mariia escaped a civil war in Ukraine and emigrated to the United States to create a better life for herself and her son. She enrolled in Kingsborough College, pursued a nursing degree at night, and worked as a dialysis technician during the day. Life in the U.S. was shaping up as expected until Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on her home, forcing her into debt to fix her flooded apartment. In 2014, the family was struck with another devastating blow when Maria’s pregnancy ended in miscarriage after five months. The heartbreak of the miscarriage was followed by another miscarriage shortly after. During her third pregnancy, her daughter was born prematurely and spent three months N.I.C.U. Visiting the hospital daily to visit her baby, Mariia became more inspired to help other new mothers. Mariia enrolled at Kingsborough Community College to pursue a degree in Nursing.

“Nursing is a calling; it’s a passion deep within your soul. To nurse is to heal your community, mind, body, and soul.”