Leslie is a student of Nursing at St. Francis College who first gained her love for midwifery while giving birth to her third child, who was delivered in a birthing center by midwives. Her goal to become a mother and have a career in this field was ignited. In 2010, after surviving an abusive marriage, medical problems and raising six children, Leslie began her journey of recovery and now longs to make a difference in her society. Leslie wishes to work with women, and their families during moments of difficult transitions or change, and assist in the process. Currently, Leslie is also in the process of creating a club for Nontraditional students as they are a large part of today’s college students.

“People tell me I am too old to become a registered nurse, that it will be too difficult for me to find work as a “new” nurse at my age, but I tell them that I have faced many challenges in my life and I have survived – not only survived, but came through with a smile on my face and an inner peace.”