Upon reaching her 30s, Kristi had the desire to alter her lifestyle to create a more sustainable living for her family, leading her to educate herself in a career of computer programming. As Kristi is finishing up her fourth semester as a part-time computer science student at Columbia University, she has never felt more enthusiastic and concrete about her career path. Inspired by Joshua, her autistic nephew, Kristi desires a future where assistive robotics greatly improves the lives of those with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, MD, autism, and more importantly, is available to those who need them. After being accepted to Columbia’s School of General Studies, Kristi explored her aptitude for computer science and started the process of joining teams researching those technologies. Her passion for helping those with disabilities extended to her community and since 2016, she has led weekly sports programs for KEEN, a non-profit that provides free recreational activities to children with disabilities. Although she lost her job last year to the pandemic, Kristi saw this obstacle as a catalyst to propel her towards new heights and further propel her in her studies. With the help of the Education Fund, Kristi can achieve her goal of achieving her degree, which will be crucial as one day, as she wishes to lead a team of researchers, engineers, and programmers, “so that we may all “transcend our limits” in assistive robotics innovation.”