Growing up in Mexico, education had always been essential to Gloria. But, in 1999, Gloria’s high school education was cut short after she was forced into human trafficking that transported her to the United States. After escaping her exploiter, Gloria began attempting to build a life for herself here by taking English classes, obtaining her GED and enrolling in a medical assistant program. After having her son and giving birth to two daughters, she decided to pursue her college degree in 2018. Gloria has always been interested in psychology and sociology and believes that understanding human behavior can help others better sympathize with those who face mental health challenges or need assistance healing from trauma. With a degree from Queensborough Community College, Gloria aspires to further a career with the New York City Department of Health.


“It is crucial to find the reason for the different human behaviors and the root of the problem in society to change it and avoid negative behaviors. My goal is to be able to help vulnerable people to improve their lifestyles.” – Gloria Herrera