Although growing up in what many would consider bleak circumstances, Genevieve held onto the strength that her mother instilled in her. After having her first child, Genevieve overcame many battles and decided to go back to school to achieve a better life for her children in the spring of 2018. Being back in a classroom pushed Genevieve to pursue excellence in a way she hadn’t before, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. Through education, Genevieve has found her greater calling as a member of the global community. Being a nurse is not only her career, but her passion. She feels strongly that the healthcare system is in need of empathetic and knowledgeable nurses. Upon completion of her education, Genevieve desires to be of service to others.

“Since returning to college I have come to see the monumental impact of investing in women and I believe they will return in dividends beyond measure. I believe an investment in my future as a nurse will change mine and my family’s lives, but also improve the lives of the patients I will see and the community I live in.”