In 2018, four years after immigrating to America from Ghana, Doreen became a widow, forcing herself to become the breadwinner for herself and two young sons. Doreen struggled to balance her new roles as a single-mother and sole financial source for her home, working long hours and often returning home too exhausted to spend quality family time. Doreen began to realize that there were many other individuals in her community of the South Bronx that were also single-parent households and struggling with keeping children on the right educational path. While pondering how our education system could better support single parents to keep their children in school, Doreen’s aspiration for a career in education law and advocacy was born. Doreen’s dream is to create and advocate for initiatives and resources that simultaneously address the academic and socio-economic needs of the students in her community, especially those from single-parent households. Doreen is currently completing her bachelor’s Degree in Childhood Education at the City College of New York, and plans to work as a teacher in a public elementary school in the South Bronx after graduating in 2023.


“I believe I can make a difference in the academic and socio-economic lives of students in my South Bronx community and beyond through a career in education and advocacy.” – Doreen Ahumah