Raised in impoverished conditions by a single Puerto Rican mother of eight children, Davina encountered many traumas throughout her childhood and adolescence. As a result of these traumas and the conflicts they caused, she became homeless at the age of 17. Without mental health resources or support, she had no choice but to drop out of school and subsequently turned to substance use to cope with her pain. After working hard to stabilize her life, Davina was motivated to enroll at BMCC in August 2020 amid the global pandemic. She realized that she wanted to use her lived experience to make a positive impact in the world. Motivated by broken governmental systems that have failed her and the countless generations of families from impoverished and marginalized communities, Davina’s goal is to research intergenerational trauma and discover alternative, community-based therapies to aid in repairing these traumas. In June 2022, Davina received an AA in Psychology from BMCC, graduating with the award for Academic Excellence in Psychology among other honors. She has since transferred to NYU Gallatin as a GUIDE Scholar where she continues to work on her academic and social justice career goals.


“My goal is to live for the friends who lost their lives to substance use and to find ways to help, support, heal, and save as many lives suffering from trauma from a similar fate.” – Davina Stewart