Depression was a recurring obstacle to Charlotte’s life when trying to complete her goals – her illness holding her back from completing her schooling. At the age of 19, Charlotte moved to Italy where she worked in an art gallery and began teaching English. Eventually, Charlotte’s journey lead her to wanting to pursue higher education. After years of working as a nanny,  Charlotte developed the desire to become a teacher. Since March, Covid has transformed Charlotte’s role as a nanny to that of a tutor; teaching the children under her care remotely for five months. Finding the entire experience both stimulating and fulfilling, Charlotte knew that teaching was her calling. Inspired by the positive effect she had on the children, and having personally seen the inequalities in the local public school which they attend, Charlotte discovered the Common Denominator charity, a non-profit, whose mission is to help in-need middle school students learn to love math and to provide free one-to-one tutoring and mentorship to ensure that they are able to achieve their potential. “I want to be a high school math teacher for all the students for whom math and other STEM subjects are intimidating. It is vital to encourage those who may previously have had no inspiration or encouragement to study these.”