Chanel first embarked on her college career at 17, but due to severe anxiety and her mental health being crippled, Chanel had to take time to address many questions about her life and future. Raising a daughter who has been diagnosed with ADHD further encouraged Chanel – having learned to manage her own anxiety, Chanel understood the necessary patience that is required to help her daughter excel in her education. Although supporting a child with ADHD has slowed down her academic progress, Chanel is proud of her journey. Inspired from her experience as an Uber driver and the conversations she often found herself in, Chanel’s ultimate goal is to own a full service media company to support the needs of her community. She wishes to provide opportunities for people in her community to have exposure to different forms and aspects of media. Returning to school during the pandemic has been exceptionally difficult for Chanel an receiving this award would allow Chanel the opportunity to complete her degree without causing a financial stress on herself or for her children. Chanel currently serves as a parent member at the Department of Education where she supports parents in the process to receive services for their children with disabilities. Chanel also writes for the Daily News and Village Voice to get the word out about the policies affecting parents with children who have disabilities.