After surviving a deep depression, Bree made the hard but rewarding choice to never give up on herself. After a decade practicing the culinary arts, Bree enrolled in paramedic school, graduating Valedictorian. Currently, Bree is studying Global History and Cell and Molecular Biology, maintaining 3.5 GPA and the praise of her instructors. Prior to Bree’s entrance into the field of pre-hospital emergency care, she worked as a professionally trained chef. After attending culinary school, Bree opened her own business, Baking by Bree. The business eventually became successful but experienced the challenges typical of a small enterprise. Bree is determined to become Dr. Bree Brown-Rosa.

“I have made many detours on the road to becoming a physician and was nearly thwarted by my own hand. But, I survived and will continue to do so. That’s the stuff that leaders are made of.”